Possess the key technologies in commercial markets

1. Wafer Level Vacuum Package(WLVP) - Low cost, Small size, Mass production

Uelectronics released the development of Wafer Level Vacuum Package(WLVP) in 2010. Uelectronics was the first to establish a mass production line and then produce thermal image sensors based on Wafer Level Vacuum Package(WLVP).

2. MEMS Technology- Sensor design, Manufacturing method

MEMS technology is a basic technology for the development and production of thermal imaging sensors. Uelectronics has 15 years of experience and know-how in MEMS-based Thermal image sensors holds multiple the patents protecting its unique designs, processes  and materials.

3. Material Technology (α-VWOx) – High sensitive material, CMOS competitive

Amorphous vanadium oxide tungsten (α-VWOx) has the same TCR value with VOx and also it has a simple manufacturing process in which general equipment can be used. So significant cost savings are possible.

4. Necessary Skills and Strategies to Penetrate Multiple IR Sensor Markets

Cost Competitive
8 inch wafer level vacuum package reduces manufacturing costs.
Employing Wafer Level Testing can provide wafers to customers.

Eco-system Partnership
Uelectronics has developed partnerships in the supply chain to IR camera companies which includes major component  manufacturers (IR lens, Shutter, IR module).
These partnerships add to Uelectronics’s flexibility and capability to satisfy all customers’ needs.

Commercial Application Technology
Thermal imaging cameras have shown strong growth in thermography, driverless vehicles, security and surveillance since 2013. Uelectronics has a temperature algorithm technology that can display temperature in a thermal image.

- Micro-bolometer : sensing a change in the resistance
- MEMS : Micro Electro Mechanical System
- WLVP :  Wafer Level Vacuum Package