What is infrared?

Infrared is thermal energy across a wavelength band of 0.76um~1000um. Every object releases the thermal energy from the surface and infrared sensor detects the thermal energy without  the heat of the light. Therefore it can distinguish the object in the dark  through the use of  infrared thermal imaging. And the distribution of heat can also be seen.



Infrared is divided into SWIR(Short wavelength infrared), MWIR(Mid wavelength infrared), LWIR(Long wavelength Infrared).  SWIR and MWIR is used in special applications such like astronomy, missile seeker. LWIR is mainly used for thermal imaging. Thermal imaging reads the temperature difference between room and object temperatures. It is a passive device for detecting  heat radiation from the object. Therefore a separated light source  and Cooler(TCR) are not required because of  operating at room temperature.



Microbolometer is based on the principle of sensing a change in the resistance and a resistance Change is detected as an electrical signal. Vacuum package is necessary because it needs to minimize the heat loss by the air surrounding the sensor


Infrared energy  incident

body heat-up

Resistance change of the detecting material

Convert resistance change into electrical signal