Thermal Infrared Network Camera

- Thermal & Visible Hybrid Network Camera -

Product Feature

Built-in Digital Camera

Image option :
    Thermal + Visible image

Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP


Motion JPEG

Size : 68㎜ x109㎜ x 30㎜


Product Feature

Monitoring thermal image & temperature changes of the target area
To protect your valuable assets by managing electric facilities safely
Through continuous temperature monitoring of the object, NH4 prevents sudden power outage, fire and abnormal temperature rise in advance

By showing the thermal image and the real visible image at the same time, get things done quickly and accurately , can capture the conditions of a target area more quickly and accurately

Automatic analysis of the target object temperature and warning
Numerically displays the temperature change of the target area.

When it exceeds the initial set temperature, it detects signal and alarm is sent to the situation room.

Record the video information of the target area and use it as analysis data.

Powerful control functions
Supports image color palette, recording start / stop and video streaming switching (thermal image, real image).

Upgrades are possible during field use and can always be up to date.

Easy to install and compact size
The NH4 is compact and easy to install in areas with limited installation, such as inside the switchgear.

Easy to use without additional power supply by PoE.


Product Features

IR Sesolution  :  80x60 Pixels

Thermal Sensitivity(NETD)  :  <0.2℃@30℃/ 200mK

Object Temperature Range  :  10℃ to 200℃

Digital Camera  :  640x480(VGA)

Measurement Analysis  :  Emissivity and Distance Correction

Spotmeter and Area  :  6 (6 boxes with max/min/average)

Storage Images  :  Still(JPG), Streaming(Motion JPEG)

Alarm Output   :  Digital Out, Storage Image, File Sending, email

Ethernet Standard  :  IEEE 802.3

Ethernet Protocal  : Ethernet/IP, MODBUS/TCP, HTTP, ftp, SMTP

Power System  : Power over Ethernet

Camera Size  : 68㎜ x 109㎜ x 30㎜ ( w/o connector)
Camera Size  : 68㎜ x 124㎜ x 30㎜ (w/ connector)