Your Preferred Source of Uncooled Microbolometer Far Infrared Sensors

Uelectronics specializes in MEMS-based Uncooled Far Infrared Sensors
MEMS technology is key to developing and producing leading edge infrared(IR) sensors
Uelectronics has over 15 years of experience and know-how using MEMS technology to produce these sensors. A Wafer Level Vacuum Package(WLVP) is essential in new commercial applications for IR sensors where volumes are high and imager sizes are small. Uelectronics finished it first WLVP in 2010 making it the world’s first in using this technology to produce IR sensors. With superior yields, smaller size and reduced costs, the Company can provide its customers major advantages in their markets



Leading Company in Sensor Technology Development
Focus shall be in internet of things(IoT) field

New-Technologies and  New-Knowledge Holding Company
Company believes in human happiness and prosperity through new technology and the pursuit of new knowledge

Innovative Company
Flexibly respond to changes in environment and paradigms with new technologies for better solutions.


Uncooled IR Sensor
Based on accumulated Technology and Know-how, Company is dedicated to the field of Infrared sensors  and on developing new technologies.

Ubiquitous Sensor Solutions
Shall be a sensor specialist Company that supplies the sensors required for systems in the dawn of the Ubiquitous era

Customer Centered
The Company shall derive its product strategies and roadmaps and the delivery of its services all from partnerships with its Customers. Listening shall be key to all these relationships.